Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week One

Hello, my name is Jolene and I am a runner.  Admittedly I haven't deserved that title since I ran my last half marathon in July.

I have an eleven year old daughter who likes to run.  I have been dreaming of running with her for a few months now.  After promising that we will train together after I graduate (in a degree for advanced health and fitness) November 21st, 2013, that I would train with her for a half marathon, I was beginning to wonder how or when that would ever happen.

Then a friend emailed me a link of a race that only cost $35 for a marathon with a medal!  In race world marathons typically run anywhere from $65 to $80.  I asked Emily if she was interested and she was, so I signed us up!

Tuesday was our first run.  I started our training later than I realized, as I thought we had more time than we did.  I had to tell her that her first run was going to be 3 miles.   She was more than up for the challenge.  She busted it out with only one stop for water and a small break for a side stitch.

Wednesday was a short 2 miler that she had in the bag.

By Thursday I needed a change of scenery from the school track, so into the streets of a nearby town we went.  We had a couple of stops, but got 3 miles in 35 minutes!

She was never so happy for the break that came Friday.  Today (Sunday) a 4 miler is scheduled.  We cannot run near my house because it is all country roads, and it would not be safe, so she wants to run it on the treadmill and watch her favorite TV shows.  I told her it would be great for her because she could adjust her pace however she wanted.  I will be right there with her, not running because we only have one treadmill, but at least in the same room :)  I already got my run in for the day.


  1. If you could see me right now, I'm standing and applauding you.

    1. Kareem, you are so encouraging! Thank you!