Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 4

Sunday: Today was a 5 mile run, just as it was last week.  I wanted to get this done early again as, even though I like to run, I like the feeling of being done the best.  Emily surprised me by heading out there in the morning.  She got up around eight, ate some breakfast, watched television, then around 10:30 she headed out.  I went out there, bundled up with my blanket and hat and sat while she ran.  I must say that even though I was able to finish my run earlier, I do feel guilty sitting while she runs.  I got a cute picture of her, and eventually got up and at least did some stretching.

I had to do a red eye fix, so her eyes may look a little strange.

She ran for a total of about one hour and three minutes, with one short bathroom break (one of the treadmill luxuries).  This week was very similar to last weeks run.  She watched mixed and matched episodes of her favorite Disney shows.  When asked how she felt while running, she said it was easy and hard.  The first part was easier than the last.

"Emily, what kinds of things do you tell yourself to keep you going?"
"You can do this!, or when it is at 4.5 or 4.7 I get excited because I know the finish is soon."

Tuesday: Today was a 4 mile run.  It was very cold outside, I kept waiting for Emily to shed her hat or gloves, but the most she ever did was roll up her sleeves.  She had so much determination.  At about 2 miles I gave her a shot block.  She has been wanting to eat my shot blocks since the first time I bought them almost two years ago.  I would tell her she was crazy to even suggest that I would give a child any sort of energy booster, as she becomes a different (off the wall bouncing type) child when given any caffeine.

For Emily, there is something about being outside that fuels her speed.  Today she ran the whole thing without stopping or walking once.  So between the outdoors, and the shot block, mom was in the dust.  I was telling one of her teachers that I am going to have to find a replacement for myself, one who can keep up with her!  When we were done, she was so proud of herself.  She looked up at me and said "I ran the whole four miles mom, without stopping!"
Here are our splits:
Mile 1: 9:08
Mile 2: 9:35
Mile 3: 9:06      
Mile 4: 8:37

I just want to interject here that I have not made speed an issue.  I do get excited when we run fast, but I am definitely trying to get her to slow down half the time!

To see the self efficacy that she is developing in this, truly gives me joy.

Tuesday: There is an option of run or cross train on Tuesdays, and Emily chose cross train, so we did a circuit in my shop.  It was fun as she was eager to try the different exercises.  We had our own little group exercise going.

Wednesday: Today it was 32 degrees outside.  Conversation goes like this "Emily, do you want to try the new run outside, or inside on the treadmill?" "Inside on the treadmill." "Emily, I know it's cold, but it's really pretty and there is no rain." MOM, IT'S 32 DEGREES OUTSIDE!".

I thought I was a lot more prepared for a treadmill run than I actually was.  I had Emily's iPod all charged and had a pair of wireless headphones for her to use…that I later learned were not compatible with her device.  Next problem, NO WATER.  One can do 2 miles, and maybe even 3 without water, but four miles is really too long without hydration.  No cash in the car, no dollars in my wallet, thankfully I had a dollar in bottom-of-the-purse change.  So now we have water.

I had already got Emily started on her warm up before the water fiasco, so as I walk over to the treadmill to get started, she is past warm up and into full run.  I think to myself, she is not running very fast and she normally takes the treadmill slower, so I will catch up to her!  It seems that just as soon as I get started she bumps up her speed.  As I got closer to 4 miles I decided to increase my speed. All of a sudden as I look over I see that she was upping her speed.  She looks at me and says "what?", I say "You are just copying me!" She says "No I'm not!"  It was quite comical.  Emily could say she wasn't doing it on purpose all she wanted, but when I went into intervals, she would up her speed every time I did.  She ended up finishing about 2 minutes before me.  That was the most fun I had on a treadmill run ever.

Emily's Spot:  okay i was not copying my mom when she bumped up her speed i was just trying to get the run done and during that run if my mom would bump up her speed i would try to see if i could go that fast to.  i could not believe that on tuesday i ran four miles without stoping!  but after that i was really tired.  :)

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