Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 6

Sunday: No big deal
Our race schedule stated that we should try to run a 5K race for experience, but I had not planned anything like that so we just did 3.2 separately on the treadmill.

Tuesday: Almost uneventful
As we began our run at our usual outside spot (the school track) I was thinking about how I was going to write about an uneventful run because things were going pretty smooth.  We had a 4.5 mile run to do.  At about 2.90 my phone battery died.  NOT cool.  I said "Oh no, Oh no!" and Emily said what's wrong?  I told her and she asked me how far we had come, when I told her almost three she immediately calculated the rest of the distance and stated "we will run 10 more laps starting here, does that sound good mom?"  I was very impressed and knew that would put us at goal.  Every lap she would say what we had done, and I would say "I can run __ more laps", then at the end she said, "What about one lap, mom, can you run one more lap?"  By the end of that run we were both pretty glad it was over.

Wednesday: Change of plans
At first I had planned on taking Emily out of her last class at 2pm, but soon realized I would not have time to get home and shower in time to leave to make dinner at 5 so instead I arranged with Emily's PE teacher to run out on the track during her class which is at 8 am.  Emily agreed and we ran.  We were both relieved that it was not super cold outside.  This run seemed to take a long time and I was glad to get Emily back to her class in time for the next one.  I was really watching the clock on this one because we still had to go to the van to get her back pack, she needed to stop by her locker, and change into her school clothes.

Thursday: Last one till Sunday
This run was fantastic!  We had the best conversation, and it went so fast!  Emily said a couple of times that she forgot she was running.  This time my phone stayed charged, until directly after we were done I put the camera on to take a selfie of us so we could have a post great run pick, and boom! dead... at least it waited.

One thing I have learned in this week was that I cannot run as fast as Emily sometimes does and that it is okay to tell her to slow down.  She really doesn't mind :) And I learned that I should make sure my phone is charged to 100% before these longer runs!

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