Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 3

Sunday: I knew we were going to have a busy day today with my husband having just gotten back in town after a business trip (first one in 6 years) so I decided to get my five miles in the morning.  Even though it was performed on the treadmill, it was a much needed and very refreshing run.  I like to save up episodes of the biggest loser and watch them while I run.

I asked Emily earlier in the week if she would rather run on Saturday, or run later in the day on Sunday.  She is not, necessarily, a morning runner.  (I think that if the marathon is in the morning, her endorphins will be good enough to get her over the morning hump.)  She chose Sunday.  We did not get our day said and done until around 5:45.  As soon as we got home, she said "mom, I need to get my run in." Went upstairs, changed and headed for the treadmill.  I was so impressed! She is my determined little cookie :).  She ran her 5 miles while watching the movie "Turbo".

I have heard it said, and experienced myself that when one exercises regularly, they naturally want to eat healthier.  My daughter loves cold cereal, but this morning she was asking for something healthier.  This to me is PROOF of that theory!


Tuesday:  Today was our 3.5 mile.  I realized on this run that I am just not prepared for cold weather running.  I used to be afraid of it, but the more I do it, the more I see its advantages.  I do like the fact that the only thing I feel I need to shed is my head wear, as opposed to my jacket.  As we were running yesterday it became evident that we should invest in some small gloves as it turns cumbersome to tuck the hands into the sleeves.  Today Emily wore my water pack, which fit her so much better than my old one she was wearing.  
I am not certain what is happening, but the need to walk every mile has significantly shortened, and yesterday she ran at lightening speed.  Sometimes she gets a stride length ahead of me, and I just cannot keep up!  I run one pace, it's called mommy pace. I don't know if she is trying to make good time, or just get it over with. (like I often have done in the past).  Check out our splits.

Mile 1: 9:55 pace
Mile 2: 9:44 pace
Mile 3: 9:42 pace
Mile 1/2: 9.25 pace
Total time 34:06

Wednesday: Today was our 2 mile or cross train.  I was feeling horrible this day, very tired and in no condition for a run.  It was all I could do to be a good trainer.  If I wasn't running, I wasn't going to force Emily.  Neither of us ran.

Thursday: This day was Thanksgiving and thankfully my friend had wanted to run this, so we were all set for a 3.2 mile turkey trot.  We ended up walking most of it, but the whole family was there and it was a great memory made.

Next week our training scheduled runs will increase.  I know we can do it, I am just not sure why I am so nervous about it!  Oh, and there is snow in the forecast.  Emily wants to run in the snow, I am not certain that is possible for El Clutzo Mom.

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