Saturday, January 18, 2014

week 10

Sunday: A blessing for sure
After diligently watching the weather report for the past week, I had it narrowed down to rain all morning, letting up at around 2pm.  All morning it rained, and it let up at 2pm!  I only have one regret, that we did not go to church, there really was no excuse.  I should have been more trusting.  Emily and I headed down to the flat route around town that we took last week, except this week I found a 4 mile round trip to do twice then head out on the straight away next to the highway for only a half mile.
I was getting some major butterflies on the way down to our run, I am not certain why, I guess just because I know how taxing it is on my body.  I also worry about Emily and how she will hold up.
We stopped in the gym and dropped off our stuff in a locker and got warmed up on the treadmill.  Emily wanted to ride on the bike, so once I adjusted the seat, she did that for a while.  We headed out and started for our first four mile round.  It was surprisingly fast and easier than I anticipated. We talked about a lot of stuff.  We like to dream about fun things to do, places to go.  Emily will tell me about funny things that happened at school, and I will tell her about what I am looking forward to. We did a lot less walking on this run, but it seemed like we got stopped at most of the lights.  We had candy around 4 miles, then again at 7.  We began getting tired around 6.5 and our feet were hurting, but we pushed through.  When we got done we went inside the gym and did our stretching.  We agreed that we should stretch like that every time, instead of being in a hurry and promising to do it when we get home.
It may be silly, but we thought it would be fun to get an action shot of us running ;)
I picked Emily up from school at 3 O'clock dull and we drove straight to the gym.  She changed into her running clothes and we did our warm up.  She chose the bike again this time.  We got all warmed up then headed out.  I successfully found a route that cut out the least favorite part of the run, but still gave us the 4 miles we needed.  It has been so long since we have run that route after school that I forgot how crazy it gets in the afternoon.  We had to run in front of several  school driveways, and make eye contact with a lot of drivers.  Once we got past that section it was a lot smoother.  We were running down one particular part of a road where we were technically in a parking lot (I guess that is what you would call it) and someone began to back up.  Emily was running in front of me because we had just come in from a narrow part of the road.  I seen a lady backing up and I said "EMILY WATCH OUT, EMILY!" She stopped and I grabbed her and moved her over to the side where we waited for the person to finish backing up.  We must have been in her blind spot the whole time because when she finally seen us, we startled her.  She was mortified.  I tried to reassure her that it was okay, because I understood.  Sometimes as a runner you have to realize that you come up on people pretty fast.  I am constantly watching for hazards as we run.  I think my senses are heightened now that I have my daughter with me.  We came across a couple of other runners and each time they gave a smile.  There was also a time where a man was walking the opposite direction and I made a point to say hi.  It was a great opportunity to explain to Emily that saying hello to the stranger can possibly save your life if there is threat of an attack, because they will be thrown off, and also you will not appear as a weak woman who is afraid to say anything, or put up a fight.  I know she won't be walking anywhere alone anytime soon, but I need to jump on any chance for a lesson.  It was an exhilarating 4 miles.

Wednesday: Average
This was a three mile quick average run.  No big events happened.

Thursday: Pulled Muscle
I picked up Emily from school and she said her leg hurt and asked if we could walk for a while.  I was thinking she meant walk then pick up for a run, she meant just head out and walk.  When I took her to the dressing room she was confused because she thought we were just going to walk, I was confused because I thought we were going to walk into a run.  The more she explained her pain to me, the more it became evident that she should rest her leg.  Now, weather or not it was actually a pulled muscle, I may never know (they don't teach us in school to diagnose medical problems), but I did know running, or even walking was out.  So we came home, I did the treadmill.  I would have rested with my darling, however, I had been eating enough to warrant a good run, and my day was racking up there as one of the worst.  A run made me feel better, and by Friday she was not limping.  I was happy for that!

We are going to run our 10 mile on Saturday (currently today as I write this)  instead of Sunday because of church and the football game.  I am not a big football watcher, but I do love a good championship game!  

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