Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 9

I cannot believe how excited I am for this race.  A while back I made a Facebook post about how I looked at previous pictures of the race participants and they all looked very unhappy.  I decided to stress about that for a little while.  I also decided to stress about what the weather was going to be like.  Some one said to me "Are you sure Emily is going to be able to go the distance on race day?, and if not, do you have a plan?"  I decided to stress about that too.  Then one day (this Sunday) I decided to stop worrying about it, and into God's hands it goes, along with a heaping of prayer.

Sunday:  A truly sunshiny run.
Emily and I conjured up a running plan very similar to the run we did last Sunday.  We strapped on our back packs and began our warm up.  There was a little bit of procrastination happening on both our parts.  We were sort of dragging.  The first three miles were, and usually are, the toughest.   In keeping with our plan to walk every mile things were going smooth.  I looked down at my phone to check distance at about 4 miles and my battery was at 48% or something like that.  I knew I had better conserve.  At one point I thought it would be a great to take a video of us in action, running, for the blog.  Emily and I agreed it may be a better idea to save the battery.  Emily had a few moments where she needed to stop and stretch.  I have really improved on my patience, learning to stop and not get all freaked out about starting up again.  The day was so beautiful and we even saw someone we knew!  We got a honk from across the intersection, and I was later told by our piano teacher that he and his wife spotted us, we are almost famous :).

Tuesday: Cloudy with a chance of treadmill
Today is Tuesday and as I write this blog I am sitting in the dealership waiting for service on my vehicle.  I am thinking of our upcoming run.  The weather is temperate, and it is, currently, not raining. I asked Emily this morning if she wanted to run the school track, or if she would rather head out to our sunday run and do half of that.  She chose half the Sunday run (that is what I was hoping).  I will let you know how it went after we run it.
It did not rain most of the day.  The rain started around 2 pm.  Once I picked Emily up from school I asked her weather she would like to run at the gym, run outside, or take turns at home.  "The gym is too hot, I don't want to run in the rain."  I honestly do not think she liked the alternative, but we both took turns and ran at home.

Wednesday:  Rain
More sharing the treadmill.  It really is unfortunate that the gym is too warm.  I never remember it being a problem for me, but then I wasn't normally running outside, or in a room that is less than 60 degrees.

Thursday:  Can you guess?

So now what's on my mind?  Our nine mile run coming up tomorrow.  We had just mastered going to church first, then going for our run in the afternoon.  Now the rain is supposed to come later in the day. This is quite frustrating at best.  I know Emily will not want to run nine miles alone on the treadmill, and I am certain I do not.  So why do we not just run in the pouring rain?  Well, a few miles is one thing, but running shoes are made so they can breath well which makes for an easily soaked shoe in the right conditions.  That is nine miles of soggy wet, probably not good for our feet, uncomfortableness.  I am barely willing to push through it for the race, if necessary.

Arizona is calling my name...

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