Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 8

Sunday: A great run!
We started our day at church, it has been too long since we were there!  Afterward we headed to our favorite brunch spot, Sweet Tomatoes, ate lunch then headed over to Fit Right NW Running store to pick up some Shot Blocks for our up coming run.  While we were in there, Kurt and Emily made their way over to the shoe section.  I walked over and asked if they could test Emily's gait.  They did, and they had shoes that fit her!  Emily's daddy bought her a new pair of Brooks running shoes!  When Emily first started running, I looked for shoes for her, but they had told me they did not have children's sizes.  Lucky for us, she is a woman's 6.  Now I can rest a little easier about her growing feet.

Getting ready to head out for 7 miles with her new kicks!

A couple of days ago Emily woke up with a runny nose.  She has slept in the last couple of mornings and her nose has gone from running, to a few sporadic sniffles.  I was talking to my husband about her running eight miles, and he was concerned about her running while she was sick.  I told him I would keep a close eye on her progress and ask her how she felt about running when the day came.  

Sunday morning when Emily woke up I asked her how she felt and payed close attention to her all day.  She seemed to be well and in high spirits.  When it came time to run she said she could do six, but not eight.  I mapped us out a course and she told me that she would see how she felt after six and would do eight if she felt up to it.

The first part of our run was to be a 3 mile loop in town, then exit the loop and follow a straight road for 1.5 miles then turn around.  The first loop went so fast that we decided to repeat it for six miles.  By four miles Emily said she would try for seven, but was not wanting to do eight.  I was highly encouraging her to do at least seven because she had not done anything more than 6 all at once and I wanted her to feel the victory of defeating the challenge (she also needs to be prepped for 13.1).  Furthermore, I told her that I was confident that she could complete the task.  I also explained that once the miles get longer, the body becomes tired, and the mind will fight to quit.  This is the part that makes it something incredible, the part that makes what she is doing a unique experience.  It may not be easy, but it is exceptional.  

Earlier in the week I showed Emily this quote and asked her if it is how she feels, she said "yes".

We finished all seven miles and it was just getting dark.  As we walked into the parking lot where my van was and I seen all the restaurants in the square, I said "It would be fun to do a long run, then have dinner together.", She agreed then said, "Where would you want to eat?", I told her a restaurant, then jokingly said "Subway".  Emily looked at me and said, "I want a cookie from Subway, I just ran 7 miles, I think I deserve a Subway cookie".  I said "I think you are right", so I bought the little mamma a cookie :).  

<3 :)

Tuesday: Separate 4 for the books
Unfortunately, when there is no school I am inclined to take it to the tread mill and Emily and I must run it separately.  I wasn't even in the room with her during this one.  She ran while her dad and sister were out there with her.  I was busy preparing the breakfast for NYE, it is something I could have done earlier, but got so busy with other stuff I lost track of time.  I think sometimes that Emily looks at me like, "I wanted to do this with you mom, not just to run, but to be with you." and that is what I plan to do from here on out!  

Wednesday: New Years Day
We had stayed the night at my sisters house and spent the entire day there.  We did not get home until after 7pm.  A day of laziness and eating crappy food did not make for a running environment, plus I was going crazy searching for my bible reading schedule I still cannot find!  Wednesday we are going to run together outside.

Thursday: No run to report
This day Emily's hip was hurting.  I had a hunch it may be the new shoes.  She tried to make it happen, but the pain just would not go away.  The next day I had her wear the shoes around the house, and her foot began to hurt again.  We took the shoes back to the store and had a different person perform a gait analysis on her.  I am so glad we did because he saw something the other lady did not.  It was appearing as though Emily was over pronating, but when he looked closer at her landing he could see that the pronation was very slight, so the shoes she needed did not need such a large over-pronation correction area.  He did not have any of the shoes in the store that he wanted to recommend, so we have some on special order.  I am very happy with Fit Right NW and their attention to detail.  

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