Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week 11

Wow, is this really the final week of training?  It is, and while I should be jumping up and down on my weary muscles and sore knees, I am realizing something.

I knew it was a big deal when I decided to train my 11 year old for a half marathon.  People at her school are congratulating her, and asking her about running. Her Science teacher even made her a card! Her family members are telling her how proud and how impressed they are.  Her sister is incredibly supportive of Emily's venture.  She willingly attends aftercare while we do our mid day runs, and doesn't get upset that Emily got a new pair of running shoes when she did not.  But if you set all that aside…

I am a mother doing something with my daughter that ranks pretty high up there on the effort scale.  This is something that if I had to constantly beg and cajole her to get going for every run, we would not have made it past week two.  I have had the privilege of seeing exactly how determined and strong this young lady is.  We have had our struggles on the course, but she has been willing for every run.  Yesterday as we were running I looked over at her.  Her head was tilted forward with determination, her form was near perfect.  I just looked at her and stared.  I could not stop.  Watching my little 4'7" baby run with such fortitude.  She did not seem annoyed that I was staring at her, but I explained that I was so proud, and it was really neat to see her running like this.  I explained that since I am training her, it is my right to stare, and be a part of this moment.

So as it comes to a close and the big goal is one week away, I am a little sad.  There is only one first time that a person trains for a half marathon.

Saturday: A reschedule in our future
 I got the bright idea to move our run back a day to Saturday.  I was thinking this would be perfect so I could get it out of the way and Sunday would be free for football, and whatever else we wanted to do. Unfortunately church was out because Haley had a fever for two days prior.   My mom came over to sit while Emily and I headed out for our run.  From the start everything was a mess.  My shoe was untied, so I stopped to tie it, then it was too tight so I said, "Let's stop here at this fire hydrant." to which Emily replied, "Why, do you have to pee?"  At first I didn't get that she made a joke, but once I did I had to laugh for a few minutes.  I told her that was so funny it had to make the blog.

Within the first mile Emily got a side ache.  Dun, Da, Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuuuun.  That was the end of the Saturday run.  She gave it an honest try to walk it out.  I gave it an honest try to hide my frustration.  I asked her if it felt better and she said no, then under my breath I said "Of course not", then she heard me and said "Of course not?, what's that supposed to mean?"  I felt like a big piece of dung at that moment.  I had to explain that I was not upset with her, but just that I had the feeling that Saturday's run would be a bust and that I had no business trying to move a big run like that up a whole day.  I also did my best to let her know that it was OKAY that we did not do this run.  We had gotten quite a ways with our walk, so we ended up with a 2.6 mile walk.  We talked about the fact that she may be getting sick like her sister, and tried to configure our back up plan.

I cannot tell you how much prayer has gone into the success of race day.  I believe God has let us come this far so that she can, and will finish.  I know I don't say much about Kurt (my husband) in this blog, but he is very much invested in this for her as well.  He is always reminding me not to get frustrated, and to remain patient.  He want's this to be a positive experience.  He said he would love to see her reach this goal, for HER.

Sunday: It went of with a couple hitches.
So we are back to the old shoes on long runs.  I do not honestly think the new shoes are causing side aches, however it does seem to take away some ailments.  Kurt and I decided she needs to break them in, so she has been wearing them during the day at school.  Our run started off really well.  We decided to do first, the part that we usually do at the end.  Then we got to about 3 miles and Emily was fighting dry eyes and a runny nose.  She kept complaining of her eyes being dry.  I seem to recall her doing this in the past as well.  It was difficult for me because I do not understand what it feels like to have that happen.  I have had itchy eyes before.  She spit some water onto her hands then rubbed her eyes.  That was the best we could do with no saline solution in my pocket.  When we reached 5 miles, she had to use the restroom, and I did too.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about the port-a-potty being the only option during the race.  I guess there's always the bushes.  Thankfully the gym was on our loop path.  Once we got to the gym we had completed 6 miles.  After a very quick potty break we were back at it again.  Mile 7 Emily needed to stop and sit for a minute. Then she needed to walk for a while.  As we were walking, this woman ran by us in the opposite direction and I tried my best to smile  (it was a jealous smile) she made running look so easy.  Then I looked back down at my feet while we walked.  Emily looked at me, and I honestly think she picked up on my desire to begin running again.  She said "I am ready to run now."  We both smiled and started back up again.  It was pretty smooth sailing from there, with our usual walking breaks, and then some.  On our way I seen this very blue house, and said "Wow Emily, Look at that house!"  She looked over at it and said "Pretty!" I had to take a picture.

So sweet

We finished up our run and were ready for the grand prize we promised ourselves!A trip to the all you can eat pizza buffet.  She's 11, what does she care?

This is what I felt like when we were done

Tuesday:  Eventually the sickness will get you.
With the way the days had been going with Emily having a runny nose and sneezing since after the run, and Haley having been sick with a fever, I figured I better check with Emily to see if she felt up to a run.  I pulled her out of class so I could talk to her.  I asked her how she was and she said she had a huge head ache.  I took her to the nurse for a temp check, then took her home.  Her temp remained normal, but her head hurt for about 2 to 3 hours.  After some rest and Motrin she came downstairs feeling much better.  Neither of us ran.  I usually go out to the treadmill when Emily is not able to run, but I just wasn't feeling up to it.

Wednesday: 2 miles should be simple, right?
I knew we were not going to be doing this outside, and that it would be separate turns on the treadmill, but I was not able, or did not make much effort, to get out there before I picked Emily up from school.  Right when we got home I went out and did my run.  When I was done, I felt like someone beat me up, like I wanted to go lie down.  I think it was the threat of a looming cold.  I took Haley to art and when I got home Emily said she did not want to go to youth group because she had to finish her reading, and run.  I was too tired mentally to try to convince her otherwise.

Thursday: Dental appointment
So, this day is supposed to be the last training run, just one simple mile.  We even discussed the fact that we were going to run up and down our driveway once.  It was going to be fun because the last time I took her up and down the driveway was in the summer and we had to make several stops.  But then it happened.  I was eating frozen yogurt with some nuts and my tooth broke!  I had to schedule an emergency dental appointment.  I was there from 4:30 to 6:30, though thankful that I was able to get in the same day, and get the work done, I was not in the mood to do anything with half my face and part of my ear being numb.  I told Emily she did not have to run if she didn't want to.  We both skipped it.

Tomorrow, Sunday is the big race!  I have asked Emily if she is nervous, and every time she tells me no.  I try not to ask that too much, as I don't want her to think she should be.  I told her we will treat it like any other long run, just do it, have fun, and get it done so we can get our medals!  Today we go pick up our race packets.  It is cold this morning, and tomorrow is supposed to be similar.  According to the weather it is only going to be 35 degrees by the time the race starts.  Oh my.  We are talking frozen faces for sure.

I will do my best to recap and post the event by tomorrow evening!  Happy Saturday and Sunday all!

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